About the Cloudburst API

The API offers:

The API is currently available in REST; streaming is on the roadmap.


Cloudburst detects and actively tracks upcoming market fraud events in real-time up to a week or more in advance of the events taking place.

In addition, the API includes comprehensive metadata on fraud actors; calculated reliability scores for each source identify the key market movers.

a result including a score for a pump and dump channel


Cloudburst connects a complex array of dots, weaving in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) data and public records (such as telephone and social media indexes) to offer added detail, confidence, and reliability in our identification methods.

This empowers investigators to track and identify the millions of global online actors involved in crypto fraud, including searches by time zone, country, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers (including partial numbers and country/area codes), and other conventional metadata.

a user from the Saudi Ministry of Education
an Iranian user
a potential Aramco user
a user in Washington DC