Crypto is Risky.
Invest in Intelligence.


Illicit actors don't organize and plan their operations on the blockchain -- they do it in the Deep and Dark Web.

Cloudburst Technologies provides realtime monitoring solutions and cyber threat intelligence tools to help track fraud in the cryptocurrency market live as it happens -- and the actors responsible for it. Cloudburst offers solutions that serve customers in the public sector, the web3 ecosystem, and in traditional finance. With Cloudburst's unique and powerful set of tools, investigators track and identify threat actors responsible for cryptofraud in a way that doesn't depend on anonymous wallet addresses.

For more context, listen to founder Evan Kohlmann describe what you need to know about pump-and-dump schemes:

Investors, exchanges, and even regulatory agencies are flying blind -- and are often on the losing end of these murky transactions. Use Cloudburst to help understand, anticipate, and defend against adverse market manipulation events with our suite of regulatory solutions.

Track Significant Threat Actors

We specialize in dissecting complex illicit schemes like pump-and-dumps and pig butchering, unmasking chat administrators, owners, and high-value members to provide connections to other sites and to geolocational data.

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